Meet us at Ford's SEATS18

Posted March 05, 2018

Can-Do National Tape is excited to have been personally invited to show at the Ford's SEAT18 Expo. Come by our booth to meet David Nicely and Don Cleesattle. They will be displaying several products from 3M and Bemis and will answer any questions you may have. Check out the newly designed waterproof heat seal tapes and 3M automotive solutions.

Now is the time to see how Can-Do Tape can fabricate materials into solutions to solve specific problems. Tell us your pain points during the designing process or the manufacturing stages, and we will work with you to find a solution that will save you time and money.

We have the knowledge and machines to carefully transform flexible materials, adhesive or non-adhesive, into other suitable blended products that can be die-cut and or rolled into applications that will help you improve your overall product.

Let us help you convert your ideas into reality. Call us at 800-643-5996

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Polyethylene Foam for Packaging Solutions

Posted February 16, 2018

Laminated polyethylene foam (PE) is very resilient and used extensively in protective packaging. Laminated PE is durable, lightweight, flexible and provides excellent energy absorption and cushioning. Laminating Polyethylene delivers an excellent product for multi-use and returnable applications. Applications include endcaps, corner pads and blocking and bracing. Custom laminated PE foam for product protection will meet the demands of your shipping environment. While laminating PE adhesive foam, it can also be fabricated into various shapes and sizes and often available in multiple colors. For more information on Polyethylene Foam, check out our article on Many Uses for Polyethylene Foam.

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Industrial Designers Building a Better Tape Dispenser

Posted October 31, 2017

Adam welcomes the amazing Laura Kampf to his shop for a special collaboration build! Laura has an idea for a custom tape dispenser design, and works with Adam to prototype, problem solve, and put together a set for their respective shops.

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Outsourcing & Assembly Contracts for Mass Production

Posted September 12, 2017

Need to simplify how you make, produce, mass-produce, build, construct, assemble, create, or fabricate your next project? Outsourcing to an adhesive tape converter and fabricator can be the most powerful key to manufacturing quality products while streamlining global manufacturing processes in an environment of increasing competition, regulatory compliance, designing, analysis, and quality control.

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Surface Preparation to Ensure a Successful Bond

Posted July 05, 2017

No matter how robust your adhesive is, or how well-suited it is to your application, a poorly prepared surface will negate the strongest adhesive.  To ensure a strong bond, surface preparation is the key to success.

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Flexible Heat Bonding Tape Provides Alternative to Sewing

Posted December 28, 2016

Thermoplastic, Heat Seal and Hot Melt Adhesives are redefining cut and sew solutions for the textile industry. This new technology replaces the need for stitching in a wide range of garments and soft goods, allowing manufactures to redesign their processes to increase quality and production.

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Heat Seal Tapes - A New Direction in Apparel Manufacturing

Posted December 08, 2016

Providing an ideal bonding solution for fabrics, heat seal tapes are offering manufacturers advantages such as high bonding strength, flexibility, durability, and solvent resistance. Heat seal thermoplastic adhesive tapes offer the additional advantage of being repositionable. When the thermoplastic adhesive is heated, it is soft and malleable. It becomes rigid as it cools, but with heat it can be reactivated.

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Mitigating Vibration Sound in Auto Assemblies

Posted October 05, 2016

As the automotive industry moves toward lighter weight materials and multi-component assemblies, mechanical vibration has been identified as a potential noise problem in auto interiors. The specific issue lies in the vibration energy that is generated, and travels throughout the automotive structure.

There are several ways to mitigate vibration sound issues. Prevention of the vibration at its source is one solution. The introduction of a low friction surface will prevent contact between assembly components. Altering the vibration mode of the structure can also be effective. This is done by attaching a dampening material in order to dissipate the vibration. Another approach involves isolating the vibration moving from one area to an adjacent area by way of isolators. Used to separate components of a structure, isolators effectively prevent vibration from spreading to surrounding areas.

Can-Do serves the automotive industry with a variety of adhesive tape products that mitigate sound vibration issues. A variety of 3M products are available to prevent vibration issues and Can-Do has the converting capabilities to transform these products into custom solutions.

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Safer and Lighter Adhesive Materials for Automotive Industries

Posted September 22, 2016

Automobile assemblies today utilize a wide variety of adhesive materials in numerous applications:  seats and linings, headers, dashboards, exterior emblems, and more. The effort to lower vehicle weights and therefore improve fuel efficiency has resulted in the use of many new materials such as lightweight metals, plastics, textiles, and foams. In order to be considered for the manufacturing of vehicles, these materials must comply with strict safety standards.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandates that materials exposed to the air in a vehicle passenger compartment must pass the flame spread test in FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 302.

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Adhesive Tapes Simplify Assembly for Automotive Manufacturers

Posted September 15, 2016

Lean manufacturing, together with the trend toward the design and manufacture of lighter weight vehicles, has required designers and engineers to seek out and find new materials and applications to solve design challenges in the auto manufacturing industry. Adhesive tapes can and do provide highly effective and efficient bonding solutions for auto assembly processes.

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